Larry Hagberg started his lifetime career in blacksmithing as a farrier in 1976 through 1990. His favorite client was Buster McGill, owner of Chateau Stables, located in Manhattan NYC (Central Park Buggy Horses). As well as shoeing horses for Buster, he also would do some carriage repair and restoration for him.

Between 1978-1980 he was employed with Rolle Bros. Farm Equipment & Repair  Riverhead LI NY, where he focused his attention on welding and heavy equipment repair.

Around 1980, he started his ironworks business making wrought iron fencing and railings for the general public.

During all these years,Larry always loved spending his free time reading books on blacksmithing and enjoying forge work , thereby honing his artistic side.

From 1984 - till current , Larry has been working as a blacksmith for the City of NY. His responsibilities there have been quite diversified, as they have covered every aspect of his accumulated experiences across the years.

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Member of the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA)